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Timeshare Program

Benefits of the Timeshare Program
The no-hassle way of flying state of the art aircraft without the headaches of ownership! Unlike the traditional fractional model, you will not have the liability of other fractional owners flying your airplane.

What makes the Certified Aircraft Timeshare program (CAT program) attractive is the ability to step up to a different aircraft each year without having the headache of selling your airplane.

At the end of the two year contract you have the option to continue flying (at re-evaluated rates), upgrade to a new aircraft or simply walk away.

The goal of the program is to provide a turn-key aircraft timeshare opportunity with more advanced aircraft on the horizon such as the personal light jet that is entering the aviation market.
Cirrus Transition
To enter the Cirrus SR20/22 Timeshare program there is a one-time initiation fee.

This program is similar in structure to vacation time share programs. The term of the contract is a two year minimum.

The user is allowed 75-100 hours of usage per calendar year. The average price per hour varies slightly depending on exact aircraft configuration and operating costs.

Your contract will include a set number of overnights with no daily minimums for the overnights you select. In addition, you will be entitled to several weekends per year based on the amount of flight time purchased.
No Hourly or Monthly Fees
There are no monthly fees or hourly fees! The initial installment payment, due at signing, includes the initiation fee, the year one portion of flight hours selected, training and down payment. That is followed by equal monthly payments due on the first of the month there after.

On the anniversary date (one calendar year from inception date) the second installment payment based on the flight hours for year two is due. These fees cover all the costs of maintaining, insuring, and operating the aircraft, which are fixed for the term of your contract and vary only with CPI, annual insurance premium changes and the cost of fuel(recalculated each year).

As a result, there are no surprises due to maintenance or avionics repair or upgrades. We do all the work! No more time or money spent on upating Garmin 430’s, MFD/PFD’s, Jepp Charts etc.

Note: As the PIC, you will be responsible for any and all ramp fees, landing fees and taxes if applicable.
Terms of the Contract
1. NJ Sales Tax 7% on solo flights (billed as flown).*
2. One year contract commitment. Second year optional.
3. One-time, non-refundable, $5,000 initiation fee.
4. 12/16 overnights with no daily minimum (50/75 hours respectively).
5. From April 1 – Sept 30th (use of aircraft for 4 weekends Fri-Sun).
6. From April 1 – Sept 30th (use of aircraft for One Full Week).
7. Minimum 5 hours for daily usage or use an overnight.
8. Twenty hours in make/model required to fly solo in Cirrus Aircraft.
9. Night flights - instrument rating and 5-7 hrs night dual in SR22.
10. May carry over 10 percent from year one to year two.
11. Will be responsible for fuel surcharges (if applicable).
12. Pilot is responsible for landing fees, ramp fees, and handling fees.
13. Travel outside the U.S. requires written consent and prior approval.
14. Down Payment made via DEBIT CARD (with use of pin) or check.
15. Cancellation 48 hrs of booking or 7 days for multi-day trips.
16. You must keep money in account or pay advance installments.

Cirrus Transition
*Prices are subject to change without notice.   ***NO REFUNDS.***
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