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Elite RC-1
FAA Certified Advanced ATD
The Elite RC-1 simulator is three trainers in one having the ability to simulate simple, complex and twin-engine aircraft. It provides the same flying credits as a Level 3 FTD for a fraction of the cost.

Compare the RC-1's "benefit-to-cost ratio" to any Advanced ATD or FTD. The RC-1 is simply the best value in simulation today. Enhance your training program and your bottom line!

The real value of simulator technology is the ability to increase the pilots overall utility of the aircraft. The simulator allows the instructor to make small corrections during critical phases of an approach and create the best environment for the student to learn. In addition, the student can fly multiple approaches in one lesson without delays or distractions.
Reduce Your Cost of Training!
Log hours in our Elite RC-1 simulator and reduce the cost of training. The following can be logged:

2.5 hours towards the Private Pilot Certificate.

20 hours towards the Instrument Rating.

25 hours towards the ATP.

50 hours towards the Commercial Certificate.

IFR currency (six approaches, holds, intercepting and tracking courses).

Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)

Instrument Practical Test (partial)
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